Frequently asked Questions

​​Below are some commonly asked questions that we get asked, if your question is not answered below, feel free to contact us via our contact page here on the website.



 1.     When are you open for tours and tastings ?
We will be open every Thursday 5-9pm,  Friday 5-9 pm, Saturday  1-9pm  and  Sunday  1-6pm.  In the event of a Holiday or other special circumstance, we will post updated tasting room hours to Social Media.
2.     When do the tours take place and how long do they last?
Free tours of  the  brewery  will be given every hour. Our tours last approximately 15 minutes, however, we are happy to spend as much time as there are questions.  We love to talk about beer and how it is made.

3.     Do you serve food at the brewery.
You are welcome to bring food into the tasting areas. However, New Jersey state law prohibits breweries from selling food. There are a number of places in the area that you can order from as well.

4.     Are minors welcome?
Minors  are  welcome  as  long  as  they  are  accompanied  by and supervised by  a  parent  or  guardian.    Anyone participating in the tastings must be 21 and over. Make sure to bring your ID.

5.     Can I buy beer to go ?
Absolutely. Beer is available in growlers (64oz), Sixtels (just over 5 gallons or 41 pints) as well as 1/2 kegs (15.5 gallons or 124 x 16oz servings) We will fill your grunts or growlers or you can buy a great looking Jersey Girl Brewery growler. 

6.     Is the tasting room / brewery available to rent for private events / functions or parties?
The tasting room/brewery is available to rent for private parties and corporate events. Give us a call to discuss availability and package options

7.     Do you accept credit/debit cards ?


1.       Where can I find your beer?
Bars and restaurants are being added daily to our list of where to find our beers. In the meantime, keep checking our website and Facebook page for updates on where our beer is sold. Also, ask your favorite liquor store or restaurant if they carry Jersey Girl. It will help us keep the buzz going on our beer.


1.     What size is the brewery ?
We have a 4-vessel 30 bbl brew house (1 bbls = 31 gallons). We can brew lots of your favorite beer!

2.    How long does it take to brew beer?
It all depends on the type of beer most of our beers take between two and three weeks to produce. However, some of our beers make take longer based on what we are trying to develop.

4.     Do you ever need volunteers?
We love that people want to help. Check out our employment page for up to date opportunities at the brewery.