Amber Ale

5.25% ABV

A sessionable copper hued ale, this beer displays a malt forward sensation with slight bitter earthy undertones from the hops. Perfect for any day of the week.

Sunshine Daydreams


6.3% ABV

Brewed with a hybrid ale/saison yeast, this beer is exclusively hopped with Lemon Drop hops, giving it a light citrusy nose. Jersey fresh honey from Stiles Apiary gives this beer a warm sweetness that compliments the citrusy bite of lemon zest that we added. 



This juicy IPA has delicious Apricot and Orange notes derived from this selection of Hops.

Blood Orange Ale


4.0 % ABV

Inspired by our limited release wheat, this ale is a new, but familiar face to our line up. Pairing beautiful citrus, grapefruit, and orange aromas with a bready, smooth malt base, this beer is perfect for the budding summer!

​Oak Aged Imperial ESB

7.0% ABV

Our take on the English ESB is a tantalizing balance of earthy, bitter British hops and sweet and subtle malt character. Jack Daniel's oak barrel chips impart a mellow oak undertone that compliments the beer nicely, and provides a truly authentic feel of the 1700's.

​Golden Lager

6.0% ABV

Our fall seasonal offering, this golden-hued Märzen features a light malty character that compliments the cooling weather. Enjoy with spätzle, pretzels, or some bratwurst!

American Wheat Ale

4.07% ABV

Brewed with 65% wheat, our American Wheat is perfect for a hot summer day with its malt forward taste. Crisp, clean, and drinkable to the core.

Sun Kissed Citra

7.8% ABV

The big brother of Rake Breaker, this hazy, oated NE-style Double IPA is a silky citrus bomb. Hopped with loads of Citra and complimented with a soft piney touch of Centennial. A candy coated, sweet citrus nose, paired with citrus, orange, and tropical flavors together with a warming finish create a highly drinkable 7.8% beer!

Rake Breaker

6.17% ABV

Tropical New England Style IPA with Mosiac and Amarillo. Hazy, fresh, and incredibly drinkable. A tornado of tropical hops will be sure to break your perception of traditional bitter IPAs. 

Jersey Girl Beer


​Jersey Girl Brewing Company beers begin with specially chosen, carefully inspected grains and hops. The brewing process is designed to maximize beer flavor every step along the way from the brew house to your glass. We continuously evaluate the process and critical steps when brewing our beer to ensure the greatest contribution to flavor and quality is coming from our ingredients. This way you get the best tasting beer possible.

Each of our beer recipes uses only the finest hops, wheat, barley, and other ingredients to combine for a fine tasting brew. The smoothness of each sip is unsurpassed. Experience our quality for yourself. Come in and grab a pint.

King Gambrinus

9.03% ABV

This hazy, golden Belgian-style ale is strong and bold. Rich imported malts and Belgian Yeast lead to an exciting complexity of flavor. Herbal and fruity notes dance around your palate, ending with a smooth, dry finish.

Harvest Ale


India Pale Ale

Featuring :Mandarina Bavaria
6.0% ABV

Featuring a sweet candied tangerine nose, this hefty hop heads dream combines dank, piney PNW hops and citrusy tangerine German hops to create a flavorful hop forward IPA. Step into our world. 
​Hop Feature: Mandarina Bavaria, Falconers Flight, and 4 other varities of hops

Blonde Ale

4.0% ABV

Clean, crisp, and incredibly drinkable. Our Ale is simplistic style rich with tradition. It’s perfect beer for someone looking to be introduced to craft beer, but also for our seasoned craft beer drinkers.


3.7% ABV

Our traditional German style Hefeweizen using German malts, hops, and yeast. With a light nose of clove and banana, this fluffy wheat beer is not only refreshing but extremely drinkable during the heat of the summer. Prost! 



Fruit Salat


4.07 % ABV

A wheat based ale featuring a ton of delicious fruit flavors like berries, pineapple, and melons, you'll be wondering how we got so many fruit flavors in one place!

Nut Brown Ale

ABV: 5.51%

Our take on the traditional English Nut Brown, this smooth, creamy brown ale features notes of nuttiness, toffee, chocolate, and caramel. It's a beer even squirrels would be jealous of!

India Pale Ale

Featuring: Amarillo and Citra

6.3% ABV

Brewed with 75 pounds and eight varieties of hops, while also being finished with a healthy dry hopping of Amarillo and Citra, this unfiltered beer is bursting with bright citrus and floral notes and a smooth malt balance. This beer is for the inner hop head in you!

Pale Ale

5.4% ABV

Dry-hopped exclusively with the infamous Columbus hop this beer is a smooth drinking pale with notes of ripe peach, apricot, and soft citrus that linger on the aroma. Peach, tropical fruits, and freshly squeezed citrus dominate the palate, leaving a slight bitterness lingering on your tongue. 

​Hop Feature: Centennial, Cascade, dry hopped with Columbus  

We will continue to introduce new styles and flavors as time goes on. Follow us on Facebook to get the most up to date beer release information. Or simply come on by the brewery to see what we have on tap. Please be sure to ask for a Jersey Girl at your favorite restaurant and pub.

Coffee Cream Ale


Porter #2

5.0% ABV

Our Chocolate Coffee porter is a light bodied session-able porter conditioned on cocoa nibs and coffee. Bitter chocolate and coffee aromas fill your glass, while sweet malt and complex coffee dominates your palate.

Biscuits & Cream


German Chocolate Cake


June 11, 2016

This 5% beer is JG's salute to the divine German Chocolate Cake. Rich, nutty, and toffee-like in the aroma, this Porter uses specialty German malts to create its unique flavors. Aged on coconut, cinnamon, and vanilla beans for decadently unique flavors with its slightly warming alcohol undertones. Have your cake and drink it too!

LIMITED RELEASE BEERS - CHECK Brewery for Availability

Little Lava Cake


4.1% ABV

A summer one-off, this light, sessionable porter is the perfect dark dessert beer for your taste buds. Modeled after one of our brewer’s favorite desserts, the Lava Cake, this beer displays delicious and delicate notes of Cappucino, hot chocolate, hazelnut, Irish coffee, and caramel. It’s hard to have just have one, just try not to eat the glass!